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“Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: 30 Years after Its Development” IAOS – ECLAC Webinar, November 3, 2022

Official statistics are based on a set of principles that ensure that they are impartial, relevant, and accurate and can be relied upon as a public good by all users. This 30th Anniversary provides an opportunity to discuss the past, present, and future of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and their relevance in the context of a rapidly changing data landscape.

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Webinar The Independence of Statistical Institutions with a Focus on Arab Region and North Africa

“The Independence of Statistical Institutions with a Focus on Arab Region and North Africa” Webinar, 2 November 2022

In 2014, the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (UN FPOS) were endorsed by the UN General Assembly. The Fundamental Principles set the framework for the fundamental values and principles that govern statistical work, and recognize that in order to be effective, the fundamental values and principles that govern statistical work have to be guaranteed by legal and institutional frameworks and respected at all political levels and by all stakeholders in national statistical systems.

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“Everyone Matters” – How the “Case against Statisticians” developed in Kazakhstan

Ten years of public service, exile, arrest, separation from her minor daughter and a prison term on charges of embezzlement of budget funds. Such a scenario could serve as a basic plot for a detective film. However, the book published in Kazakhstan in August this year, “Everyone Matters” is based on real events – on thousands of days of mistreatment, false indictments, tears, love and strong belief.

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Podcast Episode on Sylvia Ostry

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Sylvia Ostry, buckle up.
Sylvia was appointed Canada’s first and only female Chief Statistician in 1972, but she didn’t get there by playing by the rules. She was ambitious but grew up in a world where many thought that it was shameful to be female and have a career.

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Announcement of Nominations for IAOS Executive Committee 2023-2025

I am pleased to inform you that the Nominating Committee for the IAOS Executive Committee members (2023-2025) has been set up with Mr. John Pullinger as Chair and Mr. Mario Palma, Ms. Irena Križman, Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, and Mr. Oliver Chinganya as members. The duty of the Nominating Committee is to make nominations for the posts of the IAOS President Elect and Executive Committee members for the next term under the Presidency of Mr. Dominik Rozkrut.

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