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IAOS Krakow Working Group second debate on increasing engagement with users; addressing misuse and misinformation

The aim of this debate organised by the IAOS Krakow Working Group is to exchange views on how Official statistics are currently engaging with users, how they address the issue of data and statistics misuse and whether they should take up new tasks to bring more value to users in the context of increased diversification of providers of data and statistics.

The IAOS, as an independent association that is not bound by a specific institutional mandate, brings together a diversity of actors from the data ecosystem and is thus well placed to facilitate exchange of views, advance possible solutions and add specific value to make progress on these issues.

This conversation is part of a series that will provide inputs for recommendations, in particular as regards trust, misuse and ethics, that the IAOS will present at a later stage. These recommendations should be for the benefit of all the actors in the data-ecosystem that aim to contribute to quality information for the common good.


  • Denise Lievesley, Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Science, former Chair of the European Statistical Advisory Committee, former Director of the UK Data Archive


  • Misha Belkindas, IAOS President
  • Graciela Marquez, President of INEGI, Mexico
  • Lynn Barr-Telford, Canada’s Assistant Chief Statistician, Strategic Engagement, Communication and Dissemination Field
  • Rafael Diez de Medina, ILO Chief Statistician
  • Andrew Dudfield, Head of AI, Full Fact
  • David Rios-Insua, Member of Spain’s High-Level Council on Statistics


  • Martine Durand, IAOS Krakow Working Group co-Chair, Member of the European Statistics Governance Advisory Board and of the French Official Statistics Authority, former (retired) OECD Chief Statistician
  • Jan Robert Suesser, IAOS Krakow Working Group co-Chair, Member of the IAOS Executive Committee and of the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics

For more details about the second debate, please see a concept note.

If you wish to view the recording, please click here.