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IAOS Krakow Working Group first debate on interactions and collaborations between official statistics producers and non-official data owners

The debate will deal with the interactions and collaborations between official statistics producers and non-official data owners (see attached a concept note).

The Krakow Working Group was established by the IAOS in April 2021. Its mandate is to reflect on the burning challenges Official Statistics face in today’s datafied societies. 

The IAOS, as an independent association that is not bound by a specific institutional mandate, brings together a diversity of actors from the data ecosystem and is thus well placed to exchange views, advance possible solutions and add specific value to make progress on the issues at stake.

Two additional debates will be held in June 2023. One will discuss how to increase the engagement with and meet the needs of users, and address data and statistics misuse; the other will discuss whether there is a need to review/adapt ethical principles for official statistics and how best to foster data ethics.

The outcomes of the three debates will help prepare a set of recommendations that will be presented in preliminary form at the World Statistics Congress in Ottawa in July this year. These recommendations should be for the benefit of all the actors in the data ecosystem that aim to contribute to quality information for the common good.

If you wish to view the recording, please click here.