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The 2024 IAOS General Assembly will see the start of member consultation on the updated IAOS statutes. The draft updated Statutes, and associated IAOS Executive Code of Conduct have been prepared by a sub-committee of the IAOS EXCO, led by Nancy McBeth.

The major drivers for changing the statutes have been

  • Implementation of the Act on Management and Supervision of Legal Entities (MSLE) Act in the Netherlands, which has meant that all legal entities registered in the Netherlands need to review their legal arrangements, specifically those related to governance and management.
  • Changes in working procedures, including establishment of sub-groups such as the Krakow Group, and evolutions in the composition of the EXCO membership.

The Executive endorsed the Code of Conduct at the last meeting and have reviewed and provided feedback on the draft Statutes.

Feedback from IAOS members closes on 31 July 2024. Feedback can be provided by comments on the Community page IAOS Communities platform (https://communities.isi-web.org/update-iaos-statutes-2024;  please use your ISI Communities account to login) or by email to Nancy McBeth (nancyemcbeth@gmail.com)

At the conclusion of the consultation phase, a consolidated set of feedback will then be published on the IAOS Communities page.

In the first quarter of 2025, an updated version will then be provided for voting. Based on the results of the voting, a final version will be presented for formal adoption at the 2025 General Assembly to be held during the 2025 WSC.

The following documents are provided to help you provide feedback

Both documents are on the Communities page and the IAOS website General Assembly Meetings – IAOS (iaos-isi.org)