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IAOS Krakow Working Group third debate on fostering strong ethical principles underpinning data and statistics for the common good

The aim of this debate organised by the IAOS Krakow Working Group is to exchange views on the ethical challenges arising from the evolving data environment under which Official statistics operate. It will cover two sets of issues: (i) how the increasing use of privately‐held data by official statistics is leading to new developments to reinforce the professional values and ethical principles underpinning official statistics; and (ii) how official statistics could engage with providers of data from outside Official statistics that contribute to public decision‐making and public debates and other stakeholders to foster strong ethical principles.


  • Walter Radermacher, Chair of the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics


  • Jan Robert Suesser, IAOS Krakow Working Group co‐Chair, member of the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics


  • Éric Rancourt, Assistant Chief Statistician and Chief Data Officer, Statistics Canada
  • Rajesh Srinavasan, Director of Research at Gallup World Poll
  • Léa Rogliano, Author of “Training in digital ethics in higher education”, Free University in Brussels
  • Ed Humpherson, Director of the Office for Statistics Regulation in the UK Statistics Authority
  • Shaida Badiee, Managing Director and co‐Founder, Open Data Watch


  • Martine Durand, IAOS Krakow Working Group co‐Chair, Member of the European Statistics Governance Advisory Board and of the French Official Statistics Authority, former (retired) OECD Chief Statistician

For more details about the third debate, please see a concept note.

If you wish to view the recording, please click here.