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The IAOS EXCO Code of Conduct is the set of guidelines setting out how members of the IAOS Executive Committee (i.e. the EXCO) should behave as IAOS Officers. It has been introduced following the implementation of the Act on Management and Supervision of Legal Entities (“Wet Bestuur en Toezicht Rechtspersonen”, referred hereinafter as the MSLE Act) which entered into force in the Netherlands, where the International Statistical Institute (ISI) is registered, on 1 July 2021. The aim of this Act is to clarify the regulations for the management and supervision of legal entities, such as associations (among others), to make decision making more transparent and set the boundaries to prevent mismanagement and misconduct by officers.

The Code of Conduct explicitly recognises that all members of the IAOS EXCO (elected, co-opted or special invitees) are required to follow Dutch Law, ISI Statutes and Bylaws and the IAOS Statutes in managing the IAOS.

This version of the Code of Conduct was endorsed by the IAOS EXCO at the March 2024 meeting.