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Announcement of Nominations for IAOS Executive Committee 2023-2025

Dear colleagues:

I am pleased to inform you that the Nominating Committee for the IAOS Executive Committee members (2023-2025) has been set up with Mr. John Pullinger as Chair and Mr. Mario Palma, Ms. Irena Križman, Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, and Mr. Oliver Chinganya as members. The duty of the Nominating Committee is to make nominations for the posts of the IAOS President Elect and Executive Committee members for the next term under the Presidency of Mr. Dominik Rozkrut.

The Executive Committee is the main leadership group for the IAOS. During my term as President I was supported by a group of colleagues who contributed their knowledge and time to advance the IAOS vision and mission. Please consider nominating individuals who could make a valuable contribution to serve the IAOS in this way. This is a volunteer job but not too demanding as the Executive Committee meets only a few times a year. For those who can get more deeply involved there are also plenty of opportunities through IAOS conferences and webinars, the Statistical Journal of the IAOS, Young Statisticians Prize, SCORUS, Krakow Group and other activities.

You are invited to make nominations (including self-nominations) for the IAOS Executive Committee by 28 November 2022. Submissions should contain the CV and contact details of the proposed candidates and should be sent to contactiaos@gmail.com

Best regards,

Misha Belkindas

IAOS President