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ESSnet Web Intelligence Network (WIN) Project: 2022-2023 Webinar Series | Architecture, Methodology and Quality – an Overview | 23 November 2022

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2022-2023 Webinar series

The ESSnet Web Intelligence Network (WIN) project is creating an environment where an array of non-traditional data sources can be accessed by members of the European Statistics System (ESS) and beyond. To help build capability in this community, the project will be delivering a series of webinars and a face-to-face workshop covering the following subjects:

  • Architecture, Methodology and Quality
  • Business Registers Quality Enhancements
  • Tourism Statistics
  • Web Intelligence in Practice – Satellite event at the NTTS Conference (face-to-face workshop)

The first of the webinars is due to take place on 23 November at 14:00 CET. To find out more details about this event or to book a place on the webinar, please visit the Eventbrite page.


About ESSnet Web Intelligence Network (WIN) project

The WIN is investigating new data sources to generate a significant added value for the official statistics, complementing or substituting parts of traditional outputs. These new data sources come with significant challenges for national statistical institutes (NSIs) as they do not follow the quality standards of the official statistics, which will require new methodology techniques.

One of the principles behind this project is that WIN will create a community of collaboration to harness technology, allowing collaboration to benefit the modernisation of official statistics. This community will then:

  • Learn together
  • Share knowledge, data, and methods
  • Build a partnership between NSIs
  • Enable cooperation and sharing of statistical solutions for NSIs

The WIN project works hand in hand with the Web Intelligence Hub (WIH), a platform which can integrate data into national statistics production.