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“Everyone Matters” – How the “Case against Statisticians” developed in Kazakhstan

Ten years of public service, exile, arrest, separation from her minor daughter and a prison term on charges of embezzlement of budget funds. Such a scenario could serve as a basic plot for a detective film.  However, the book published in Kazakhstan in August this year, “Everyone Matters” is based on real events – on thousands of days of mistreatment, false indictments, tears, love and strong belief.

The author is Anar Meshimbayeva, Head and Chief Statistician of the National Statistical Agency of Kazakhstan in 2007-2009. The book tells how urgently needed modernisation processes in an underdeveloped statistical system in Central Asia can be encountered with hard politically motivated bureaucratic obstacles.  Specifically, the accusations against the Chief Statistician of Kazakhstan and her Deputy Directors in 2009 harmfully interrupted the renewal and modernization processes of the Kazakh Statistical Agency.

The book “Everyone matters”, published in Kazakhstan, also details Anar’s experiences during those ten long years, is for the moment available only in the Kazakh and Russian languages in printed and electronic form. Books can be ordered from www.LitRes.ru and paid by PayPal. There are plans to have the book published in an English edition in autumn 2023.