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“The Journey of the UNFPOS from Conception to Implementation” High-Level Virtual Side Event on the “Road to the Commission”, December 14, 2022

The UN Statistics Division is organizing a series of webinars on the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (FPOS or the Principles), which will pave the way to the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Principles by the UN Statistical Commission, and the 10th anniversary of their endorsement by the UN General Assembly. This Webinar, held on December 14, 2022, was the first in a series of high-level side events convened under the auspices of the Statistical Commission on the “Road to the Commission”.

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ESSnet Web Intelligence Network (WIN) Project: 2022-2023 Webinar Series | Enhancing the Quality of Statistical Business Registers with Scraped Data & Methods of Processing and Analysing of Web Scraped Tourism Data | 24 January & 23 February 2023

The ESSnet Web Intelligence Network (WIN) project is creating an environment where an array of non-traditional data sources can be accessed by members of the European Statistics System (ESS) and beyond. To help build capability in this community, the project will be delivering a series of webinars and a face-to-face workshop covering the following subjects:

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“Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: 30 Years after Its Development” IAOS – ECLAC Webinar, November 3, 2022

Official statistics are based on a set of principles that ensure that they are impartial, relevant, and accurate and can be relied upon as a public good by all users. This 30th Anniversary provides an opportunity to discuss the past, present, and future of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and their relevance in the context of a rapidly changing data landscape.

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