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2023-2024 Web Intelligence Network Webinar Series

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The ESSnet Web Intelligence Network (WIN) project was launched by Eurostat in 2021 and aims to develop and nurture a network of like-minded individuals to have access to the Web Intelligence Hub, where they will be able to explore an array of non-traditional data sources to accelerate the modernisation of the European Statistical System (ESS).   

Building on the successful WIN webinar series delivered in 2022-2023, WIN will continue to provide a series of free webinars 2023-2024 open to all to keep the community updated on the work being carried out across the several work strands.

The following webinars are now available to view: 

  • Web data in official statistics: process, challenges, solutions – the case of online real estate offers – YouTube
  • Methods of Processing and Analysis of Web-Scraped Tourism Data – YouTube
  • Using Web-Scraped Data to Enhance the Quality of Statistical Business Registers – YouTube
  • Architecture Methodology and Quality – An Overview – YouTube

The following webinars are now available to book on Eventbrite: 

Measuring Construction Activities using Data from the Web, 5 October 2023  

  • This webinar concentrates on using web scraping to extract data from real estate web portals for Official Statistics. Participants will be introduced to the structure of real estate portals in Germany and the importance of data from the web for Official Statistics. For more information or to book your place visit our Eventbrite

New avenues with Web Intelligence: Gaining additional value from cash register data by combining different data sources, 23 November 2023 

  • The use of modern data sources in official statistics is a reality and has been well formulated in the foundations of Trusted Smart Statistics. One of the cases is to acquire additional knowledge based on the content of the websites. Extracting data from enterprise websites to get characteristics is a part of the project currently done by the Web Intelligence Network.
    The webinar will explore Statistics Sweden’s experiences and the challenges faced when using Consumer Price Index (CPI) production as an illustration. It will emphasise the prospect of increasing the accuracy of measurements in the CPI production process.
    For more information or to book your place visit our Eventbrite page. 

For additional information on WIN, please access the project’s work packagesblogs and training pages. The WIN project team has also published a project overview on the Data Science Campus website.

To find out more or to get involved, contact the WIN team at ESSnet.project@ons.gov.uk.

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