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Oliver Chinganya - Programme Chair of the IAOS 2023 Conference in Zambia

Oliver Chinganya

Oliver Chinganya is the Director at the African Centre for Statistics of UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).  He also coordinates the ECA digital Centre for Excellence. He is Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society-UK with wide experience and knowledge of statistical practice across Africa at both national and international levels.

Has a wealth of experience in delivering statistical development results for Africa. A Strong believer in the effectiveness of partnerships, coordination at country, regional and international levels for effective and sustained development programs. The African Centre for Statistics’ main mission is to enable national statistical systems in Africa to produce high quality statistics, data and geospatial information to inform sound and evidence decision-making in support of sustainable development, regional and national priorities.

During the period 2018- 2020, was also Acting Director for the Technology, Climate Change, and Natural Resource Management division at UNECA, which focuses in supporting efficient management of the continent’s natural resource endowments, reducing the negative impacts of climate. Prior to joining UNECA in 2016, he held other senior leadership roles, at African Development Bank as Manager for the Statistical Capacity Building Division, at the International Monetary Fund as Regional Advisor, and at the Zambia Statistical Office as Deputy Director in charge of research and dissemination respectively.