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Misha Belkindas - President

Misha Belkindas

President 2021-2023 of the IAOS

Dr. Misha V. Belkindas is the Founder and Managing Director of ODW Consulting with over four decades of experience in practical and operational statistical capacity building, both internationally and with national governments. He is also a co-founder of Open Data Watch and serves as a member of its board. Prior to this, as manager of the World Bank Development Data Group, he was overseeing the Global Office of the International Comparison Program, was responsible for the Bank’s lending and trust funded programs for statistical capacity building, and for the partnership programs with national statistical offices, international organizations, donor community, academia and private sector.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Dr. Belkindas was a professor at Vilnius University, researcher at the US Census Bureau, director at Warton Econometrics Consultancy, adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

He is an elected member of International Statistical Institute, Royal Statistical Society, American Statistical Association, American Economic Association, and numerous other organizations. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Economics and is an Honorary Doctor of Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.