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Jūratė Petrauskienė - Program Chair of the IAOS 2024 Conference in Mexico

Jūratė Petrauskienė

Dr. Jūratė Petrauskienė is Director General of Statistics Lithuania since November 2019 (since 2023 Statistics Lithuania. State Data Agency).

She graduated from Vilnius University with a Master’s degree in Statistics and in 2011 obtained her PhD in Mathematics. She has been working in Statistics Lithuania since 2004, responsible for different domains of statistics: prices, quality management, development of new methods and technologies for production of official and experimental statistics, new data sources, implementation of GSBPM and successive reorganization of processes and the Organizational structure in the office.

She is a deputy Chair of the Board of the Lithuanian Statistical Union. Under her leadership the new Law on statistics was initiated which attributed Statistics Lithuania also the role of a data steward in the country.

Dr. Jūratė Petrauskienė is an active member of the European Statistical System (for the period of 2021–2022 she was a member of the Partnership Group, since 2023 she was appointed a member of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) representing the ESSC. On the international scale  Dr. Jūratė Petrauskienė takes an active part with presentations and chairing discussions in various fora on the most topical issues. She is a Chair of the Scientific Programme of the 2024 IAOS conference in Mexico.