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Elsa Dhuli - IAOS Representative to the ISI

Elsa Dhuli

Mrs. Elsa Dhuli was appointed General Director of the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in November 2020; previously she was the General Director in charge for more than a year. She holds the degree of Doctor in Statistics, from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics. Previously, she held the position of Director of the General Directorate of Statistical Production and before that Coordinator of Statistical Quality, Director of Economic Statistics, Head of Short-Term Statistics, Specialist in Enterprise Statistics. In the professional field, Mrs. Elsa Dhuli has contributed for 30 years in the field of economic statistics, in the implementation of European and international standards for development and improvement quality of statistics in the country. Moreover, other activities are related to the contribution to the implementation of Classifications and Nomenclatures in the country, as leader of Economic Enterprise Census, has contributed in preparing Official Statistical Programs, Institutional and National Statistical System Strategy. As Quality Coordinator she has contributed to the implementation of International Standards for the Business Management of Statistical Processes, the Quality Guide, Access to Microdata Policy and the Institutional Performance Evaluation Framework. In addition to the above qualifications, Ms. Dhuli has developed capacities in the field of statistics and leadership from its participation in long-term and short-term trainings, seminars and various working groups, or from institutional collaborations with international partners.

She is currently Chair of the National Nomenclature Commission; Population and Housing Census 2023 lead; Member of the Statistics Council; Negotiator for Chapter 18 “Statistics” on Albania’s EU accession.

In the international arena, she is member and co-chair of the United Nations High Level Group on Cooperation, Partnership and Capacity Building in the Statistics Division (UNSD-HLG-PCCB) the country coordinator for the e-GDDS platform (NSDP-IMF); Strategy for Southeast Europe, SEE 2030; and member of the Ethical Leadership Task Team (UNECE-High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) or ModernStats.

 She’s engaged as a lecture at Tirana University, Economic Faculty, Master of Science of Official Statistics.