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Announcement for the 2024 IAOS General Assembly hybrid meeting

The 2024 IAOS General Assembly will be held on 16 May 2024, from 8 – 9 am local time (CST) during the IAOS- ISI Conference to be held in Mexico City, Mexico between 15 – 17 May 2024.

The General Assembly will be held in a hybrid format, allowing colleagues unable to attend the Conference to join virtually.

If you wish to attend the General Assembly virtually, please email Ms. Ewa Bandurska e.bandurska@stat.gov.pl to receive a link to join the meeting. Colleagues attending the General Assembly in person will be advised of the venue at registration.

The agenda for the meeting will be:

  1. Minutes of 2023 General Assembly
  2. IAOS Annual Report 2023-2024
  3. Draft Updated IAOS Statutes
  4. Statistical Journal of the IAOS
  5. Young Statisticians Prize
  6. IAOS conference plans
  7. Other business

Documents will be posted on the IAOS website. Note: no hard copies of the above documents will be provided. Please also advise Ewa Bandurska if you have any other items for discussion. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Mexico City or welcoming you via the virtual link.

Dominik Rozkrut

IAOS President 2023-2025