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IAOS congratulates winners of the 2023 Young Statisticians Prize competition

IAOS would like to congratulate Ms. Joanne Yoon of Statistics Canada, Mr. Nelson Chua and Mr. Benjamin Long of Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the other winners of the 2023 Young Statisticians Prize (YSP) competition. Our thanks to all entrants and the International Judging Panel for their efforts.

The winning authors are:

Joint First Place:

  • Ms. Joanne Yoon (Statistics Canada)
  • Mr. Nelson Chua and Mr. Benjamin Long (Australian Bureau of Statistics

Second Place:

  • Mr. Ryan Covey (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Third Place:

  • Dr. Alba Cervantes Loreto (Statistics New Zealand)

The special commendation for a paper from a developing nation went to

  • Mr. Benjamin C.H. Chan, Mr. Ian Y.C. Ng and Ms. Natalie K.P. Chung (Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, China)
More information is available at [ YSP ].