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International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP)

The International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) is a project initiated by the International Association for Statistical Education(IASE), the education section of the ISI.  The main objective of the ISLP is to contribute to promoting statistical literacy across the world, among young and adults in all walks of life.

The project is currently led by Reija Helenius, a member of both IAOS and IASE.  Reija is also a candidate in the 2021-2025 ISI Council elections.

The ISLP is looking for new Country coordinators to promote statistical literacy all around the world, through organising different activities.   For more information, please see   https://iase-web.org/islp/Activities.php?p=Call_for_Country_Coordinators

The ISLP International Poster Competition 2020-2021 is currently underway.  The competition invites school and university students from around the world to design a statistical poster. The topic is environment, biology or sustainable development.  For more details, see : https://iase-web.org/islp/Poster_Competition_2020-2021.php   Please share information about the competition with your colleagues and networks.

Finally, the ISLP publishes a Newsletter, and welcomes articles regarding the promotion of statistical literacy.  Previous newsletters are at https://iase-web.org/islp/Publications.php?p=Newsletters.  The deadline for articles for the upcoming newsletter is 15 October 2020.