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The Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics are a pillar of the Global Statistical System. The current pandemic, occurring alongside the decade for action on the Sustainable Development Goals, has brought into sharp focus the critical importance of trustworthy official statistics that meet the requirements of the Fundamental Principles. Official statistics are needed to guide action, help save lives and chart our progress towards a future in which no one is left behind.

A particular feature of the current climate is the danger of false statistics that can mislead and result in poorer decisions. Such false statistics may be the result of an inadequate design, implementation or communication or a deliberate attempt to deceive in order to serve a vested interest. Either way false statistics result in poorer decisions and therefore lost lives, weaker economies, less just societies and a future for our children that is not as sustainable as it could have been.

This webinar brings out the importance of Fundamental Principle 4: Prevention of misuse. This Principle states that the statistical agencies are entitled to comment on erroneous interpretation and misuse of statistics.

The webinar will hear from leading figures from around the world with direct personal experience of the application of Fundamental Principle 4. There will be an opportunity for an open discussion and a reflection on future actions that might be taken. The outcome of the seminar will be considered by the Executive Committee of the International Association for Official Statistics with follow up action where appropriate.

The webinar is being organised by the International Association for Official Statistics in conjunction with the International Statistical Institute and supported by the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Development.


John Pullinger, President, IAOS


Ed Humperson, Director General, Office for Statistics Regulation, UK with panellists
Martine Durand, Pali Lehohla, Andreas Georgiou and Hernan Munoz
Date: Tuesday 6 th October 2020, 14.00-16.00 CET