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Announcement: IAOS Executive Committe 2019-2021

Following the IAOS Statutes, the 2018 Nominating Committee, in charge of selecting the candidates for posts of President-elect and four EXCO members, having one candidate for each position and taking into account a proper regional representation and gender balance as much as possible, has come up with the following list:

Members of the EXCO:

  • President: Mr. John Pullinger (UK);
  • President-elect: Mr. Misha Belkindas (USA);
  • Member: Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin (Asia, second term);
  • Member: Mr. Peter Popoola (Africa, first term);
  • Member: Ms. Hasnae Fdhil (Arab Region, second term);
  • Member: Ms. Gemma Van Halderen (Oceania, second term, EXCO lead on 2022 Conference).
  • Member (ex-officio): Ms. Ada Van Krimpen (Director of the Permanent Office of the ISI).

Co-opted Members:

  • Mr. Rolando Ocampo Alcantar (Latin America and the Caribbean);
  • Mr. Jan Robert Suesser (Europe, IAOS representative to the ISI WSC);
  • Ms. Ayush Ariunzaya (Conference Advisor for the IAOS 2020 Conference in Zambia).

Special Invitees:

  • Dr. Kirsten West (Editor in Chief, SJIAOS, until August 2019);
  • Mr. Pieter Everaers (Editor in Chief, SJIAOS, from August 2019);
  • Ms. Teodora Brandmueller (SCORUS Chair);
  • Ms. Nancy McBeth (Special Advisor to the President);
  • Mr. Ronald Jansen (UNSD);
  • Mr. Oliver Chinganya (Programme Chair of the IAOS 2020 Conference in Zambia);
  • Mr. Kees Zeelenberg (Former Programme Chair of the IAOS-OECD 2018 Conference in Paris).

I would like to thank the Nominating Committee members for their work and wish the new EXCO for 2019-2021 the best of luck and success.

Mario Palma

IAOS President 2017-2019