A priority of the IAOS is to improve and develop the services of IAOS to meet the growing challenges facing official statistics as well as the improvement of statistical infrastructure in developing countries. The IAOS strategy is developed on regular basis by the Executive Committee and the current IAOS Strategy focuses on relevancy, visibility and partnership as well as institutionalization. 

IAOS Strategy 2015-2017

It is expected that the implementation of this IAOS strategy, in collaboration with key partners in the global statistical community, will enable significant progress in the following areas:

1- Promoting the use of statistics in policy-making, raising awareness and improving statistical literacy.

2- Increasing joint activities and projects with key partners

3- Increasing the relevancy of IAOS activities and outputs to meet the needs of different regions.

4- Increasing the visibility of the IAOS in international arenas.

The development of the IAOS strategy takes into account the needs and expectations of members as well as partners. The strategy shall be presented in the ISI’s 2015 WSC to ensure sufficient feedback from the IAOS community

And Strategic Plans are developed every few years by the ISI Executive Committee in consultation with the Council. They focus on the long-term goals of the ISI and how to realise these goals.