16th Conference of IAOS

“Better Statistics for Better Lives”

Jointly organised with OECD

19-21 September 2018. Paris, France.


IAOS and OECD would like to thank

all attendants to the IAOS-OECD Conference

 “Better Statistics for Better Lives”

for their contributions.


Thank you for your support in the form

 of papers and presentations, participation

in various other ways (as panellist, chair

and/or member of the Scientific Programme

Committee, or more generally adding

to the discussions at the conference), and

not to forget the financial support for

organising the event. All of you made

it possible to organise a very successful

and rewarding conference. Many thanks!


The conference website has now been updated

with all papers and presentations:  



Photos taken during the event

can be found in: 







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