Ms. Sibylle von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Director of Strategy and Planning, International Relations, and Research and Communications, German Federal Statistical Office

Ms Sibylle von Oppeln-Bronikowski is currently Head of the “Strategy and Planning, International Relations, Research and Communication” Department at the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis). In this role, she is responsible for strategic statistical issues within the German Federation and with the European Union (Eurostat), especially related to Communication policy, Planning, Data Quality and R&D. Sibylle also has a key role in bilateral co-operation at Destatis.

After obtaining her diploma in economics, Sibylle joined Destatis. She has undertaken a variety of strategic and subject matter roles in Destatis, including the development of Principles on Quality and Communication, as well as leadership of a number of subject matter areas. She plays an active role within the European Statistical System (ESS).

Drawing on her longstanding expertise in official statistics and international affairs, Sibylle successfully co-chaired the Friends of the Chair on the implementation of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (FPOS) within the UN Statistical Commission.