2016 SCORUS Conference - Indicators for territorial policies: closing data gaps by using traditional and new sources and methods. Lisbon, Portugal, 29 June - 1 July 2016.


SCORUS in partnership with Statistics Portugal and the OECD is holding its 2016 conference  in Lisbon. The conference will address the development and progress of regional and urban statistics under the scope of the cross-cutting issues that have been put forward in European and global agendas. The territorial dimension has been set out as essential for the implementation of EU regional policy, aligned with Europe 2020 strategy.

Abstracts are being sought  around the following themes

·         Interplay between regional and territorial policies and statistical indicators

·         Space transformation, land use and value

·         Measuring inclusive growth and living conditions at regional level

·         Delimitation of relevant territorial units: size, function and comparability

·         Integrating statistical and geospatial information to produce new territorial indicators

·         The potential for territorial information of open data and big data


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Competence building in methodology for business and establishment statistics

The Fifth International Conference on Establishment Surveys (www.ices-v.ch), the latest in the series of global conferences on the subject, is for the first time held in Europe: Geneva, Switzerland, June 20-23, 2016.


The Fifth International Conference on Establishment Surveys (www.ices-v.ch), the latest in the series of global conferences on the subject, is for the first time held in Europe: Geneva, Switzerland, June 20-23, 2016. Therefore, it is an opportunity for practitioners, researchers, students and other interested professionals to take advantage of the location and participate in the conference.

The conference gives ample opportunities for competence development through taking whole-day short courses (http://www.portal-stat.admin.ch/ices5/short-courses/), attending Introductory Overview Lectures (http://www.portal-stat.admin.ch/ices5/iols/), by listening to presentations of scientific contributions in the parallel scientific sessions (http://www.portal-stat.admin.ch/ices5/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Program_160316.pdf), and by taking part in demonstrations of statistical software (http://www.portal-stat.admin.ch/ices5/software-demos/).

To National Statistical Offices the conference offers a rich content for benchmarking of the national progress against the most recent advances to be presented at the conference.

Highlighted for methodologists from developing countries is the Invited session: "Developing and mainstreaming business statistics - Best practices and challenges in low and middle income countries", with contributing presenters from South Africa, Mexico, Tanzania and Malaysia, and a discussant from United Nations Statistics Division.

To read more about the conference and to register, visit www.ices-v.ch.


IAOS Executive Committee Meeting in New York- March 8, 2016

The IAOS Executive Committee meeting took place on March 8th, 2016 on the margins of the 47th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission in New York. The meeting was fruitful and dealt with different topics among of which are:


· The latest preparations for the IAOS2016 conference which will be held in Abu Dhabi on December 6-8th, 2016.

· It was agreed that the 2016 Young Statisticians Prize results will be announced in July, 2016.

· A decision was made by IAOS to support Andreas Georgiou's (former President of ELSTAT; the Greek NSI) legal defense fund (AVG) initiative. More information about this initiative will be announced soon.

· The March Issue of the SJAIOS was the last issue released under the current SJIAOS Chief Editor, Mr. Fritz Scheuren to whom EXCO members expressed their appreciation for the outstanding work that has been achieved during his term as well as the SJIAOS team and the next SJIAOS Chief Editor Ms. Kirsten West. The theme of the SJIAOS March Issue is "Disclosure and Protection in a Big Data World", IAOS members can access it from here .


· Forty IAOS sponsored session proposals were received to be organized under the umbrella of IAOS during the ISI-WSC 61st and the IAOS Executive committee will start the process of rating them to choose the most appropriate session proposals for the ISI-WSC 2017 in Morocco.


· The IAOS managed to develop its new website and it was approved by all the EXCO members.


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IAOS 2015 Annual Report

The IAOS Executive Committee is pleased to announce to all its members & partners the release of the IAOS 2015 Annual Report. This report covers the work of the committee for 2015 through highlighting the major progress and achievements accomplished so far.

The report constitutes of seven chapters that correspond to seven major topics namely: (IAOS Strategic Plan 2015-2017, Delivering Conferences and Workshops, Developing and Supporting IAOS Membership, IAOS Communications, Financial Statement, SCORUS Activities & the Conclusion.) Download Report here .