Nancy McBeth -Special Advisor to the President

·         Nancy has been a Consultant with GCC-Stat, in Muscat, Oman, since late 2014. In this role, she is working with the six members of the GCC in the development and implementation of a harmonised Population Census in the 2020 Census round.  Prior to joining GCC-Stat, Nancy also worked for the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

·         Nancy's experience  and strong interest in official statistics were formed in her native country -  New Zealand. There she undertook a number of senior roles with Statistics New Zealand,  including General Manager, New Zealand Census 2006 and General Manager, Strategy and Communication.

·         Nancy is committed to the development and use of Official Statistics in decision making for governments. businesses and the general public.  

·         Nancy was  an elected member of the 2015-17 IAOS Executive, and joins this Executive as an Adviser to the President.